Kitchen Nightmares

When things aren’t right in a commercial kitchen, they can get really ugly. Kitchen specialist CKM contacted Registered Gas Engineer recently to tell us about one of the worst examples it’s ever come across.

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Bringing clarity to safety issues in cateringIntroduced a number of years ago into C.K.M., Catersafe is now regarded as an integral part of the successful running of the company.

The central idea behind its role is to help ensure that our customers enjoy the best service that we can provide, by ensuring that you understand some of the important safety issues which we here take very seriously.


C.K.M. delivers in all areas

We provide solutions for the commercial catering market; be it restaurants, healthcare, schools, cafes or similar projects.

We specialise in your needs, whatever they are. From small scale consumable to complete design & build projects, from one-off breakdown repairs to full service cover for your catering appliances. From friendly site advice to large-scale consultancy works.

Outstanding Supplier of the Year

We have been awarded the 'Outstanding Supplier of the Year' 2011 by the LACA (Local Authority Caterers Association) Wales Region.

You only have to take a look back at previous winners of this prestigious award to see how important it is.

2010: McCain Foods (GB) Ltd
2009: Crown Foods
2008: UK Foodhall
2007: E & R Moffat
2006: RHM Foodservice
2005: Pure Organics
2004: Green Gourmet and Natural Soft Drinks
2003: Roger Kellow, Hobart UK

We're very proud of this achievement and it proves that we take our business very seriously to you the customer. You can take our word for it we'll be moving mountains to make sure we win it again.

MKN Quality & Innovation

C.K.M. partners with MKN to provide excellence in quality meal provision to many Local Authority School kitchens through the installation of HansDampf combination ovens.

MKN has received awards several times for innovative technology, design and also as a proficient partner of specialised trade, receiving first place as Superpartner 2006.This proves the outstanding achievements of MKN as the thermal specialist for high quality professional cooking technology, made in Germany.

C.K.M. thoroughly endorses the working ethos of MKN, and is more than confident in its ability to out-perform the other combination oven providers in the market. Contact us to find out how the concept of combination cooking could help you.

Due to the depth and breadth of our capability, we have found it easier to describe our help to you in the following ways.
design & consultancy

Whether planning on replacing existing catering appliances with new, venturing into this market for the first time or expanding an existing kitchen, we can tailor our advice and help to suit your needs.

We can provide complete project management, arrange site visits, product discussions, CAD drawings and even 3D 'walk-throughs'. Whatever your path to success, C.K.M. can help in every way.


Catering Design & Consultancy
service & facilities

From reactive breakdown cover offered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to full multi-site service level agreements, we can help you.

Due to the breadth of capability offered by C.K.M. to you, we can, if required, step 'outside of the box' of a catering repair company and confidently provide you with a multi-faceted solution.


Catering Service & Facilities
safety & consultancy

"What do I need to do to comply with the requirements of legislation?"

"Can I install a new gas appliance in my kitchen?"

"What does Interlock mean?"

"What is a PAT test?"

There are so many interwoven pieces of guidance, legislations, regulations and advice that surround us nowadays from the installation of grease dispersal systems, the cleaning of catering extraction systems to the interlocking of gas supplies with any ventilation system. It is very hard to know what to do for the safest results.

"Do I need to rectify all my 'issues' now?"

"Am I operating unsafely?"